Sunday, April 12, 2009


Mommy and Daddy!
The two people above are responsible for the pictures
you are about to see! It has taken many years of hard work!
Look what we have done!
Can we go to jail for this?
Nick you are such a good helper!
Why do I love to tackle this guy?
They're so in love!!!

Lance why are you laughing? I know you are being mischievious again!
Don't I look cute in my little Easter dress!
Really all I care about is food and having someone pick me up!
There are Eggs everywhere!!

Dang! I dropped my eggs again!
Maybe I'll just play with them for awhile!
There is so much to see!

The Cute little Tovar Family!

I can't wait until I can walk
and I don't have to be in this thing anymore!
This is MY EGG!

I saw an egg in this bush!

Where are the eggs?

I want to go Easter Egg Hunting!
Hey doesn't that basket look familiar?
The Cute Little Gilbert Family!

The neighbors didn't know there were so many
people living in one house, until on Easter when
they all came out!
Tovar and Gilberts are Everywhere!
Call Gold River Security! There are too many aliens in
the front yard!
Don't they look sweet and loveable?

Grandma loves her babies!

The three little stooges!

Marshall is really descended from monkeys and likes to climb trees!
Or is he just keeping an eye out for the neighbors who don't like aliens!

Such a good boy sweeping the kitchen for mommy!

Resting from all my labors!
Brooms are heavy but you gotta keep those fingers movin!

Ashley is being attacked by her gorilla husband!

Clint you look better than usual, but you made Hayden cry!
He thought you were going to get mommy!
Who would find him his ba ba and his gi gi?
Nathan is excited to do something besides lay in bed all week!
He had the dreaded Flu B!
What a way to spend Easter Break!
Mom I didn't mean to take so many eggs!
I just couldn't help myself!
There's nothing better than Easter Sunday with
all your family, and with an Easter basket
that is bigger than your head !
We hope you all had as much fun as we did on Easter!
Can't wait to see my Great Grandmas! What do you have in your
house that I can get into! I'm in my terrible two's but everyone loves
me anyway!
The whole family said to tell you HI!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Saturday Night at Joe's Crabshack!

Saturday we went to Joe's Crabshack in Old Sac with Silke and Robert!
We had lots of laughs and lots of fun!
This dude loves crab! He's gettin into this!
He's oblivious to the world around him!!!
Notice the bib!? They knew he would need it!
Nick are you still eating? Lets get crackin!
We know you can eat a pound of crab easy!
Two crazy chicks! What fun!
No! We did not have too much to drink!
We're like this all the time !!!
Are you STILL eating?
We've all been done for at least an hour!
We know you can eat the whole thing!!!
Robert! You didn't know there were people
as crazy as you and Silke! Did ya?

What is this? Silke? You have any ideas?
At least it's not crawling? Where did Nick go? He's supposed
to finish eating!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Ashley and Clint's Wedding (It Really Happened!!!!)

Getting ready for the wedding! Will the groom show up?

The wedding ceremony.
This arrangement was about 4 feet high.
The Wedding decorations were black, white and red.
Everyone's taking pictures!

Clint and I dancing to Because you Loved Me by Celine Dion!
Everyone getting ready for Brock to take pictures!
Hayden loved the chocolate covered pretzels that my friend Heather made!
Hayden is enjoying food while mom and dad dance and cut cake!
Kyle, Ashley's brother who caught the garter!
Clint get your hands out from under Ashley's dress!
They didn't shove cake in each others faces!
That is a good sign according to the experts!

Brock is doing his thing!

We had chocolate dipped strawberries, pretzels and cookies! Yum! Yum!
Ashley and Baby Chloe are sleeping while standing up.

Hayden was in his own world! He looks like he had a few!
Do you think his shirt was a little big?
Cutting the Cake! A lady in our ward made this cake for only $100
Where was she when Ashley Gilbert got married! ?
The wedding was a little hectic, but it turned out nice. There is nothing like planning a wedding in a week. The upside is we spent a lot less money than we did on Ashley's. My friend Heather was here from Huntington Beach and she helped me with all the food. I don't know what I would have done without her. I could never have got it all done. I will update this week with more pictures when I get them from Brock. We wished all of our family could have been here, but it was short notice and we didn't have a lot of time. It turned out nice and I think Ashley and Clint were happy with it!.